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              Fun Page 

For many, summer is a time for relaxation, vacations, and outdoor fun in the warm weather and pleasant days. Some like to fish from a boat while others enjoy wading in a cool lake or stream.There are also picnics and barbecues. Whatever your pleasures, share them with us by posting a story or picture or two.


Everyone is welcome to submit pictures of their summertime adventures. Please send the the pictures with desired caption to Dave and they will be posted here. Stories are invited too. The theme is summer fun and it does not have to be hunting or fishing related. Please click on the thumbnail below to enlarge and the back button on your browser to return.


Big Gill

Carbon County - 06/28/03


Looks like a meal!

Carbon County 06/28/03


Carbon County 06/28/03

Big Big Bass

Carbon County 06/28/03

Not as big as the bass.

Carbon County 06/28/03

Pop and Perch

"paupack" 07/05/03

Nice perch


The Adventurers - Dave & CDC

Nice Brownie on the Delaware


Claw v. Claw

On the salt marsh


Clarion River Smallmouth

Very Nice Catch

A fishing trip with friends and a bass.

Mr. Twister :-) Photographer - ?

It's there if you look.

Beauty in the outdoors while fishing,

Nice walleye

Fly fishing the Susquehanna

July 20

A concerned angler!

Very nice bass from Joe and his daughter.


A panfish for a young lady!

Joe and his daughter show the best.

Summer beauties

Lancaster County - 08/07/03

Late summer sky


Clouds thru the trees!



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