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Flies and Buys














Flies & Buys

All flies are hand tied. The prices are $12.00 for six and $20.00 for twelve. Wiggle nymphs,  Patriot Missiles, and streamers are $3.00 each or $15.00/6 (mix n match). Order yours today. If you desire a special fly, ask us about special orders. All orders less than $25.00 must include $5.00 for postage and handling. All orders above $25.00, the postage is included with the purchase.

View our featured selection in the slide show below. Go to our feedback page with questions and orders. Karl can also be found on the popular message board. He will answer questions that you have or give you tips on fly tying.

Mail deposits and orders to Wolf Tracks Productions, RD#1, Box 227, Port Trevorton, PA 17864.

CALL (570)374-6955 (Karl) or (570)374-0517 (Dave)

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Wiggle Nymph

Great for bass and trout. Tied to imitate a green drake, another in Hare's Ear and another in muskrat. The Wiggle nymph is back.

Stillborn emerger

Fished dry, this fly imitates sulfurs (sizes 14-18), greendrakes (sizes 10-12), blue-wing olives (sizes 14-16), and pale morning duns (sizes 12-16). Available in several colors. Indicate size when ordering.

RAD emerger

Available in sizes 14-18. Gray, Brown, Black, or Olive.

The Patriot Missile

An all purpose streamer available in sizes 4 thru 8.

Wolf-flash Streamer

Dave's favorite. Sizes 10 or 12.

CDC duns

Available in a variety of colors to imitate sulfurs and pale morning duns. Tell us the size that you wish.

Deer Hair Beetle

I have been fishing the spun deer hair beetle for over 25 years and they have provided amazing results. Sizes 12, 14 & 16.

The Sparrow (Serio spinner)

Created by Jim Serio. Jim has fished this fly on the Delaware River with great success. Tied by Karl Gebhart, the creation takes fish when we assume it shouldn't. Sizes 8 and 10 on 2x hooks.

Caddis pupa

Also a good imitation for mosquito larva. Sizes 12 - 18.

All purpose bass streamer.

Sizes 4 - 8.

RAD streamer

Sizes 6 - 10. Olive, brown, white, gray.


Copper wire body and brown brush. Sizes 14 -18.


Orange floss body, copper rib, and brown brush. Sizes 12 - 16.

Lightening bug

Pearlescent flash with black brush. Sizes 12 -16 on 2XL hook.

Skarka X

With wiggle tail, an aggressive pattern. Available in size 14.

Karl's Krystal CDC

A little glass bead in the thorax, one to try in those changing situations. Specify size.

Brown wiggle nymph

An all purpose fly - march browns, hendricksons and BWOs. Available in sizes 10 and 14.

Green Drake wiggle beadhead

The go to fly for the green drake hatch.




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